Personal and Business Credit Myths Debunked

Does credit confuse you?

Are you overwhelmed with understanding the ins and outs of credit?

Davon Simmons, Financial Coach and Credit Consultant,  joins us on this week’s episode of Her Chic Business. She gets down and dirty into the nuances of personal and business credit for entrepreneurs.


Listen in to this week’s episode to get clarity around business entities.

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Knowledge Bombs

  • Personal Credit Myths
    • Inquiries are bad 04:45
    • Credit cards are bad 06:45
    • Closing credit cards will help your credit 14:05
  • Managing credit is important for personal and business
  • Credit utilization is key
  • Dave Ramsey’s teachings are for the privileged 10:20
    • Debt snowball strategies
  • Cycle Breakers Bootcamp information 16:00
  • Business Credit Myths 19:55
    • Business credit is reported the same as personal credit
    • You don’t need business credit
  • CSNs, DUNNs number, and credit repair fees 22.55

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