The Truth About Business Entities

Hey ladies! It’s time for us to talk about business entities. You know… LLCs, S-Corps, Partnerships, and Sole Props. Since we’re friends, let me start off by saying there is no one size fits all solution. Where are you taking your business? How big do you want to grow it? Are you fine with a side hustle making extra money or do you want to take over the world? Your answers to those questions play a role in how you approach your business entity selection.

I believe your entity choice should evolve as your business does. We know a baby will eventually walk, right? Even though he or she starts out not being able to do anything. The same concept applies to your business. You may start out as a Sole Proprietor and eventually evolve into a C-Corp. The message here… Your start-up entity choice isn’t and shouldn’t be permanent.

Listen in to this week’s episode to get clarity around business entities.

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Knowledge Bombs

  • What is a sole proprietor? 01:51
  • What is a partnership? 3:58
  • What is an S-Corp? 05:32
  • What is a C-Corp? 09:15
  • What is an LLC? 10:11
  • Which is better, S-Corp or LLC taxed as an S-Corp? 12:35 

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