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Let me tell you a story about a lady named Michelle.

Michelle is a business owner and a damned good one. She's built her business from the ground upĀ  to a point most people would call successful. She's ready to expand her business to reach a wider market by targeting a new audience and adding a retail brick and mortar location.

To make this happen, Michelle needs to obtain another loan. She's had a couple loans already to help with major purchases. Problem... she doesn't have her hand on the financial pulse of her business.

She hired an accountant to clean her books up so she can understand exactly what's coming and what's going out. The accountant was slow to work and even slower to deliver reports. She would ask questions but never received an answer that she understood. His answers were usually jargon laced and complex. She just wanted a simple answer that included what she could or could not do based on her current financials.

She often left those meetings feeling more confused, frustrated, and like she needed to take an accounting course -- or something -- to ease the overwhelm.

She likes him as a person but isn't confident he can help her in a way she feels comfortable and without having to get a Masters degree in Accounting. So she reached out to me...

Hey! I'm Senica Evans

Tax Accountant + Business Performance Consultant

I'm on a mission to help business owners live their best lives by reclaiming their time, money, and energy back from their businesses!

Using strategic "money taming" practices, you can be financially free to bring your client's visions to life while I make sure you keep more of your money, increase your profits, and can flaunt your fabulousness.

Who the heck am I?

I'm a former Criminal Investigator for Tax Crimes, former Tax Auditor, and accountant. Taxes are kinda my jam and so is deciphering business' numbers to help you, the owner, make better data-driven decisions.

Oh yeah... systems are my thing too. I love all things systems, processes, and workflows. If you listened to my kids you'd say I have OCD but I call it being organized, structured, and efficient. Did I say efficient?!

Here are a few other fun facts:

MBTI: INFJ - The Advocate

Kolbe: 8-6-2-3

Astrology: Cancer/Leo Cusp

Shift Gifts: Love, Order, and Creation - The Teacher

Superpower: Breaking the complex into super simple easy to understand information. Teaching


I Can Help You...

Listen to the Podcast

Listen in on the Her Chic Business Podcast where I help women build bigger bottom lines, reclaim their time, and entrepreneurial burn out. Ladies... it's time for us to talk about taxes, accounting, and business systems all in the name of doing better business so you can live your best life.